PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Fajardo Leads Beermen Back From Brink, Series Tied at 2-2

pba finals game 4 san miguel meralco
Photo Courtesy of PBA

June Mar Fajardo, the newly crowned PBA Philippine Cup Best Player of the Conference, shared his award with his teammates in a heartwarming gesture before igniting a crucial Game 4 victory for San Miguel Beer


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PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Fajardo Shares the Spotlight and Delivers on the Court

Fajardo displayed his leadership qualities by sharing his BPC award with his teammates, demonstrating the importance of teamwork in his success.

  • Recognition of Team Effort: Individual awards in basketball often overshadow the collective effort required for success. By sharing the BPC trophy, Fajardo acknowledged the contributions of his teammates. He sent a message that his achievement wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work, dedication, and on-court support.
  • Building a Cohesive Unit: Fajardo’s gesture fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose within the San Miguel Beermen. It demonstrated that he values his teammates and views them as equals in the pursuit of championship glory. This lead to a more cohesive unit, where players are more willing to sacrifice individual glory for the collective good of the team.
  • Motivation and Inspiration: Sharing the award served as a motivational tool for his teammates. It showed them that their efforts are valued by the team’s star player, potentially inspiring them to play even harder and contribute more in future games. This create a positive feedback loop, where individual success fuels collective success.
  • Leading by Example: Fajardo’s actions speak louder than words. He wasn’t just preaching teamwork; he was actively demonstrating it. This sets a powerful example for his younger teammates and reinforces the importance of a team-first mentality within the organization.
  • Humility and Selflessness: Sharing the award showcased Fajardo’s humility. He didn’t view the BPC trophy as solely his accomplishment. He understood that individual success in basketball is a product of a well-oiled team machine. This type of selfless leadership can create a more positive and collaborative team environment.

Fajardo’s decision to share the BPC award transcended the act itself.

It was a strategic leadership move that highlighted his understanding of team dynamics and his commitment to building a championship-caliber San Miguel Beermen squad.

This act likely boosted team morale, fostered a stronger sense of unity, and ultimately fueled their crucial Game 4 victory.

Motivated by a hunger for more achievements, Fajardo exploded for a series-high 28 points, 13 rebounds, and an assist.

His improved free throw shooting (10-of-12) and clean performance (no turnovers) were crucial for the win.

  • Series-High Performance: Fajardo stepped up when his team needed him most. His series-high of 28 points displayed his offensive prowess and ability to carry the scoring load. This scoring outburst provided a much-needed boost for the Beermen’s offense, putting pressure on the Meralco defense and creating opportunities for his teammates.
  • Efficiency at the Forefront: Not only did Fajardo score in bunches, but he did so efficiently. Shooting 10-of-12 from the free throw line showcased his improved focus and composure at the charity stripe, an area where he struggled in Game 3. This efficiency ensured that his scoring translated into points on the board, maximizing his impact on the game.
  • Rebounding Machine: Fajardo’s 13 rebounds, a strong showing, solidified his dominance in the paint. His ability to secure rebounds created second-chance opportunities for the Beermen and limited Meralco’s ability to initiate fast breaks or score easy putback points.
  • Defensive Anchor: While rebounds are a key stat, Fajardo’s defensive presence likely extended beyond the box score. His size and physicality in the paint likely deterred Meralco players from driving into the lane and contesting shots at the rim. This defensive presence was crucial in shutting down Meralco’s offense and protecting the lead.

Zero Turnovers: A clean performance with no turnovers further highlighted Fajardo’s focus and determination.

Avoiding turnovers ensured that the Beermen maintained possession and maximized their offensive opportunities.

This focus on ball security prevented Meralco from easy points in transition and kept the momentum firmly on the Beermen’s side.

Fajardo’s dominant performance wasn’t just about individual stats. It had a ripple effect on the entire team:

  • Boosted Team Morale: Seeing their star player perform at such a high level likely lifted the spirits of his teammates. It instilled confidence in the team’s ability to win and inspired them to elevate their own games.
  • Opened Up Scoring Opportunities for Others: Fajardo’s dominance in the paint drew double teams and defensive attention. This created space for open shots for his teammates on the perimeter, contributing to the Beermen’s overall offensive success.
  • A Catalyst for Victory: Fajardo’s performance was a catalyst for the Beermen’s Game 4 victory. His scoring, rebounding, and clean performance on both ends of the court were instrumental in securing the win and tying the series at 2-2.

This dominant showing was a significant improvement after his struggles in Game 3, where he committed crucial errors and missed free throws.

  • Costly Mistakes: Fresh in everyone’s minds were Fajardo’s crucial errors from Game 3. These mistakes, turnovers and missed free throws was the turning points of that game and contributed to the Beermen’s loss.
  • Free Throw Woes: His struggles at the free throw line in Game 3 were another point of concern. Missing free throws can be particularly demoralizing and can leave valuable points on the table.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Fajardo’s dominant performance in Game 4 highlighted his mental fortitude. He didn’t allow the disappointment of Game 3 to define him. Instead, he used it as motivation to work harder and improve his game.
  • Focused Practice and Refining Techniques: Fajardo focused his practice sessions on addressing his weaknesses. Involving drills to improve his decision-making, defensive positioning, and free throw shooting technique.
  • Zero Turnovers: A stark contrast to Game 3, Fajardo’s clean performance in Game 4 showcased his improved focus and decision-making. Avoiding turnovers ensured the Beermen maintained control of the game and maximized their offensive opportunities.
  • Free Throw Efficiency: Shooting 10-of-12 from the free throw line highlighted a significant improvement in his composure and focus at the charity stripe. This efficiency ensured his hard work translated into points on the board, maximizing his impact on the game.

Fajardo’s redemption wasn’t just about personal satisfaction; it had a significant impact on the team:

  • Boosted Confidence and Team Spirit: Seeing their leader overcome adversity and perform at such a high level likely instilled confidence in the entire team. It sent a message of resilience and determination, inspiring them to believe in their ability to win the series.
  • Momentum Shift: Fajardo’s dominant performance shifted the momentum in the series. It gave the Beermen a sense of control and belief that they could overcome any obstacle, putting pressure on Meralco heading into Game 5.
  • A Statement Performance: Fajardo’s redemption story served as a powerful statement. He proved that even the best players can struggle, but what truly defines them is their ability to bounce back and learn from their mistakes.

Fajardo’s transformation from struggling in Game 3 to dominating in Game 4 highlighted his mental strength and unwavering commitment to winning.

His performance served as an inspiration to his teammates and a powerful reminder that even the greatest players can overcome adversity and achieve greatness.


PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Team Effort Secures Crucial Win

  • CJ Perez and Marcio Lassiter Step Up: With their backs against the wall, CJ Perez and Marcio Lassiter delivered strong performances. Perez’s all-around game (22 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) and Lassiter’s clutch three-pointers (4 for 18) helped counter Chris Newsome’s career-high 40 points for Meralco.
  • Strong Start Sets the Tone: The Beermen’s big starting unit, featuring Fajardo, Lassiter, Perez, Chris Ross, and Moala Tautuaa, started strong. They built a double-digit lead in the first quarter and maintained control throughout the half (51-40).

PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Bench Production Makes a Difference

  • Romeo and Manuel Return with Impact: The return of Terrence Romeo (7 points, 3 assists) from injury and Vic Manuel (8 points, 2 rebounds) provided a much-needed boost off the bench. Their contributions helped the Beermen reserves outperform their Meralco counterparts 28-15.

PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Meralco’s Fight and Newsome’s Heroics Fall Short

Despite facing a strong Beermen team, Meralco kept fighting back. Chris Banchero’s 21 points and Cliff Hodge’s double-double (17 points, 10 rebounds) showcased their tenacity.

  • Facing an Uphill Battle: From the start, Meralco knew they were facing a formidable opponent in a San Miguel Beermen team brimming with confidence after Fajardo’s dominant performance. Despite this challenge, they didn’t shy away from the competition.
  • Relentless Hustle: Meralco’s fighting spirit was evident throughout the game. They displayed a relentless hustle on both ends of the court, battling for every rebound, loose ball, and scoring opportunity. This tenacity kept them in the game and prevented the Beermen from running away with a comfortable lead.
  • Banchero’s Scoring Prowess: Chris Banchero stepped up as a reliable scorer for Meralco. His 21 points showcased his offensive ability and his willingness to take on the challenge of scoring against a strong Beermen defense. His scoring kept Meralco within striking distance and prevented the Beermen from completely shutting down their offense.
  • Hodge’s All-Around Contribution: Cliff Hodge’s double-double (17 points, 10 rebounds) highlighted his versatility and hustle. His scoring contribution helped keep Meralco’s offense afloat, while his rebounding prowess limited the Beermen’s second-chance opportunities. This all-around performance was crucial for Meralco’s fightback attempts.

Meralco’s relentless fight had a significant impact on the game:

  • Forced the Beermen to Stay Focused: Knowing they couldn’t afford to relax, the Beermen were forced to maintain their focus and intensity throughout the game. Meralco’s constant pressure prevented the Beermen from becoming complacent and ensured a close and competitive matchup.
  • Exposed Potential Weaknesses: Meralco’s fight might have exposed some weaknesses in the Beermen’s game plan. By exploiting these weaknesses, they were able to keep the score close and force the Beermen to make adjustments. This could prove valuable for them going into the crucial Game 5.
  • Set the Stage for a Thrilling Series: Meralco’s tenacity ensured a thrilling back-and-forth battle throughout the series. It highlighted the competitive spirit of both teams and set the stage for a highly anticipated Game 5 that will determine the PBA Philippine Cup champion.

Despite the loss, Meralco’s performance in Game 4 was a testament to their fighting spirit and determination.

They proved themselves to be a worthy competitor, pushing the Beermen to their limits and showcasing their potential to win the championship.

Chris Newsome’s impressive performance of 40 points wasn’t enough to secure the win for Meralco.

  • Offensive Juggernaut: Newsome was on fire throughout the game. He likely displayed a diverse offensive skillset, knocking down threes, attacking the basket with ferocity, and converting free throws efficiently. His scoring outburst kept Meralco in the game and instilled hope for a comeback victory.
  • Limited Support: While Newsome was lights-out offensively, his teammates might not have provided enough support in terms of scoring and overall production. This could be due to tight defense by the Beermen or struggles on their own end. The reliance on a single player for the bulk of the scoring put immense pressure on Newsome and limited Meralco’s offensive versatility.
  • Defensive Liabilities: Newsome’s offensive brilliance might have come at the expense of his defensive focus. Exhausted from carrying the scoring load, he could have struggled to keep up with his defensive assignments, allowing open looks for the Beermen’s scorers.

Newsome’s performance highlighted the importance of a balanced team attack:

  • Overcoming Defensive Adjustments: The Beermen likely adjusted their defensive strategy to focus on stopping Newsome after his hot start. A more balanced scoring attack from Meralco could have forced the Beermen to spread their defensive attention and create open opportunities for other players.
  • Sharing the Scoring Load: Distributing the scoring responsibility amongst multiple players would have alleviated the pressure on Newsome and potentially worn down the Beermen’s defense. This could have led to a more sustainable offensive effort for Meralco throughout the game.

While the loss stung, Newsome’s performance was a moral victory. He proved himself to be an elite scorer who can single-handedly carry his team.

This performance can serve as a confidence booster for him and his teammates heading into the crucial Game 5.

Newsome’s scoring night was a reminder that individual brilliance can be electrifying.

However, in the tightly contested playoffs, a balanced team effort with contributions from multiple players is often the recipe for championship success.

Meralco will need to find a way to capitalize on Newsome’s offensive prowess while ensuring their other players step up and contribute more in Game 5 if they hope to dethrone the San Miguel Beermen.


PBA Finals Game 4 San Miguel Meralco – Series Heads to a Decisive Game 5

With the series tied at 2-2, the tension is at an all-time high. Both teams will be looking to make adjustments and come out firing in the pivotal Game 5, which will determine the PBA Philippine Cup Champion.

  • Pressure Cooker Atmosphere: The tension in the stadium will be palpable. Both teams understand the immense weight of the game. One victory secures them one win away from the coveted PBA Philippine Cup trophy, while a loss faces a 2-3 deficit in thi series. This pressure-cooker atmosphere will test the mettle of every player on the court.
  • Desperation Fuels Intensity: With their championship dreams on the line, both teams will be playing with a sense of desperation. This will likely translate into an intense and fast-paced game, with players leaving everything they have on the court to gain the upperhand in the series. Fans can expect high-flying dunks, clutch three-pointers, and aggressive defensive plays.
  • Learning from Past Games: Both coaching staffs will have meticulously reviewed the previous four games, dissecting their successes and failures. They will be looking to exploit weaknesses they discovered in their opponents and make strategic adjustments to counter their opponent’s game plan. Expect innovative plays, lineup changes, and defensive schemes designed to gain an edge.
  • Adapting on the Fly: Adjustments won’t be limited to pre-game planning. The coaches will also need to adapt their strategies in real-time based on the flow of the game. Reading the opponent’s adjustments, identifying hot players, and calling timeouts at crucial moments will be crucial for gaining the upper hand.

Stars Shine Brightest in the Spotlight: With the game hanging in the balance, the star players on both teams will be expected to rise to the occasion. 

For San Miguel Beermen, all eyes will be on June Mar Fajardo to replicate his dominant Game 4 performance. 

Meralco will hope that Chris Newsome can build upon his impressive scoring night and lead their offensive charge. 

Role players will also have their moments, with clutch baskets, timely steals, and defensive hustle potentially swaying the outcome of the game.

The winner of Game 5 will etch their names in PBA history. For the San Miguel Beermen, a victory would solidify their position one win away as a dominant force in the league and could extend their championship reign in Game 6.

For Meralco, it would be a dream come true, marking their first Philippine Cup title in franchise history.

This go-ahead win in Game 5 matchup guarantees an unforgettable night for players and will have a higher chance to take the Philippine Cup Trophy in Game 6.


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