NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Porzingis Shines in Surprise Return as Celtics Dominate Mavericks in Game 1

nba finals game 1 mavs celtics
Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

The Boston Celtics wasted no time asserting their dominance in the NBA Finals, throttling the Dallas Mavericks 107-89 in Thursday night’s opening game.


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NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Porzingis’ Improbable Return

Kristaps Porzingis, sidelined since late April with a calf injury, entered the game as a major question mark. Concerns lingered about his conditioning and potential limitations.

However, Porzingis defied expectations. He came off the bench with a burst of energy, seemingly unfazed by the layoff.


  • Concerns Abounded: After a month-long absence due to a calf injury, doubts swirled around Porzingis’ conditioning and potential limitations. Many expected him to be rusty and tentative in his return.
  • Quick Start Dispels Doubts: However, Porzingis silenced the doubters right away. He entered the game with a visible burst of energy, suggesting he hadn’t lost a step despite the layoff.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Early Contributions

  • Scoring Flurry: Porzingis didn’t waste time getting involved. He quickly knocked down free throws and followed it up with a successful jump shot, showcasing his offensive prowess.
  • Defensive Presence: Beyond scoring, Porzingis’ impact extended to the defensive end. He swatted away a layup attempt, displaying his rim-protecting ability.
  • Versatility on Display: This sequence early in his stint showcased Porzingis’ well-rounded skillset. He scored, defended the rim, and hustled on the court, demonstrating his value as a two-way player.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Energy Boost for Celtics

  • Rallying Cry: Porzingis’ energetic performance served as a rallying cry for the Celtics. His enthusiasm was contagious, uplifting his teammates and the home crowd.
  • Increased Confidence: Witnessing Porzingis play at such a high level likely instilled confidence in his teammates. They knew they could rely on him to contribute significantly, even coming off the bench.
  • Momentum Shift: Porzingis’ early success helped the Celtics build momentum. His scoring and defensive plays demoralized the Mavericks and gave the Celtics a significant advantage.


  • Unexpected Impact: With Porzingis’ return shrouded in uncertainty, the Mavericks might not have been fully prepared to face him. His immediate contributions caught them off guard and disrupted their defensive plans.
  • Added Threat: Porzingis’ presence on the court forced the Mavericks to adjust their defensive strategy. They had to dedicate resources to containing him, which opened up opportunities for other Celtics players.

In just 21 minutes, Porzingis racked up 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks. His shooting efficiency was impressive, going 7 of 9 from the field.


  • 20 Points in 21 Minutes: Porzingis averaged nearly a point per minute, a remarkable feat considering he came off the bench. This scoring output in such limited playing time highlights his offensive potency.
  • 6 Rebounds: While not a rebounding machine, Porzingis’ ability to grab 6 rebounds in just 21 minutes demonstrates his hustle and court awareness.
  • 3 Blocks: Porzingis’ presence as a shot-blocker was significant. His 3 blocks deterred Mavericks’ drives to the rim and protected the paint for the Celtics.
  • 7-of-9 Shooting (78%): Porzingis’ shooting efficiency was phenomenal. Connecting on nearly 80% of his shots signifies his ability to be a reliable scoring option, both from mid-range and potentially from beyond the arc (though he didn’t attempt any threes in this limited sample size).

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Breaking Down the Efficiency

  • Quick Decisions: Porzingis wasn’t forcing shots. He was selective in his shot attempts, leading to a high shooting percentage. This could be due to the Celtics effectively creating open looks for him, or Porzingis himself making smart decisions within the flow of the offense.
  • Exploiting Matchups: The Mavericks’ defense might not have been fully prepared for Porzingis’ return. He could have been exploiting mismatches or taking advantage of slower defenders assigned to him.
  • Fresh Legs: Coming off a long layoff, Porzingis might have benefitted from fresher legs. This could have translated to sharper focus and better execution on offense.

Porzingis’ performance wasn’t just about the stats. His presence on the court provided a significant emotional lift for the Celtics and their fans. His energy and hustle were contagious, setting the tone for a dominant Celtics effort.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Emotional Boost for the Celtics

  • A Symbol of Resilience: Porzingis’ return, after a month-long absence due to injury, sent a powerful message to the Celtics. It signified the team’s perseverance and depth, demonstrating that they could overcome adversity.
  • Leadership by Example: Though coming off the bench, Porzingis displayed leadership qualities. His immediate hustle and energy set the tone for the entire team, encouraging them to play with a similar intensity.
  • Fan Favorite Returns: The Boston crowd erupted when Porzingis entered the court. His presence re-energized the fans, creating a more hostile environment for the visiting Mavericks. This passionate home crowd support could have further motivated the Celtics.


  • Effort Play Ignites Team: Porzingis’ early hustle plays, like swatting away a layup, were more than just defensive stops. They displayed his commitment to winning and his willingness to do the dirty work. This infectious energy likely rubbed off on his teammates, inspiring them to play with the same level of effort.
  • Momentum Swings: Porzingis’ scoring bursts in the first quarter helped the Celtics build a significant lead. These moments of offensive success likely instilled confidence in his teammates and demoralized the Mavericks, further shifting momentum in Boston’s favor.
  • Elevated Intensity: Porzingis’ presence seemed to elevate the overall intensity of the Celtics’ play. They moved with more purpose on both ends of the court, feeding off the energy he brought to the game.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – A Psychological Advantage

  • Unexpected Factor: The Mavericks might not have anticipated Porzingis playing, let alone playing this well. His surprise return could have disrupted their pre-game preparation and instilled a sense of doubt in their minds.
  • Matching Up Becomes Harder: With Porzingis back in the fold, the Celtics presented a more complex defensive challenge for the Mavericks. They now had to account for another scoring threat, potentially forcing adjustments to their defensive schemes.
  • Belief in Championship Run: Porzingis’ successful return likely bolstered the Celtics’ belief in their championship aspirations. Knowing they had another weapon at their disposal could have significantly boosted their morale and confidence.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Celtics’ Offensive Explosion

The Celtics didn’t rely solely on any one player. Six players scored in double figures, showcasing their depth and offensive versatility.


  • Widespread Scoring: The Celtics weren’t reliant on a single superstar carrying the offensive load. Six players – Jaylen Brown (22 points), Jayson Tatum (16 points), Derrick White (15 points), Kristaps Porzingis (20 points), Al Horford (10 points), and Jrue Holiday (12 points) – all reached double digits in scoring. This balanced attack made it nearly impossible for the Mavericks’ defense to focus on any one player.
  • Adaptability to Matchups: The Celtics exploited mismatches throughout the game. Brown thrived attacking smaller defenders, while Tatum used his size and skill to create space for mid-range jumpers. Horford’s veteran savvy was on display with his high-percentage post moves, while Holiday’s penetration opened up opportunities for himself and his teammates.
  • Unpredictability Keeps Mavericks on Their Heels: With so many scoring threats on the court, the Mavericks’ defense was constantly on edge. They couldn’t double-team any one player without leaving another Celtic open for a good shot. This offensive unpredictability kept the Mavericks scrambling and unable to get settled defensively.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Selfless Play: The Celtics’ success wasn’t just about individual talent; it was about unselfish play. Players were willing to pass up good shots for great ones, trusting their teammates to knock down open looks. This unselfishness led to a high number of assists and efficient scoring opportunities.
  • Ball Movement: The ball movement was crisp and efficient. The Celtics didn’t rely on isolation plays where one player tries to beat his defender. They moved the ball quickly, forcing the Mavericks’ defense to rotate and creating open shots for whoever had the hottest hand.
  • Cutting and Screening: Active movement without the ball was another key ingredient. Celtics players constantly cut to the basket and set smart screens, creating open lanes for drives or kick-out opportunities for three-pointers.

NBA FINALS GAME 1 MAVS CELTICS – The Answer to the Mavericks’ Defense

  • Countering the Blitz: The Mavericks might have employed a defensive strategy that focused on shutting down Tatum or Brown. However, the Celtics’ balanced attack countered this approach. If one player was getting double-teamed, another Celtic was readily available to step up and score.
  • Exploiting Weaknesses: The Celtics were adept at finding the weaknesses in the Mavericks’ defense. They attacked mismatches, exploited slow rotations, and capitalized on open looks generated by their ball movement.
  • Forcing Adjustments: The Mavericks were forced to make constant adjustments throughout the game. They couldn’t stick to a single defensive scheme because the Celtics had multiple scoring threats who could punish them from anywhere on the court.

Boston rained down threes throughout the game, connecting on 16 attempts. This outside shooting opened up driving lanes for their slashers and kept the Mavericks’ defense on their heels.


  • Downpour of Threes: The Celtics connected on a staggering 16 three-pointers, a testament to their shooting prowess and their commitment to exploiting this offensive advantage. This scoring outburst from beyond the arc significantly contributed to their impressive point total.
  • Spacing the Floor: The threat of the three-pointer forced the Mavericks’ defenders to respect shooters on the perimeter. This created more space for the Celtics’ slashers, like Jaylen Brown and Jrue Holiday, to attack the basket. Defenders couldn’t sag off their assignments for fear of leaving open shooters for easy threes.
  • Keeping the Defense Honest: The Mavericks couldn’t afford to pack the paint to defend against drives because the Celtics had multiple players who could consistently knock down threes. This kept the Mavericks’ defense on their heels, unsure of whether to commit to contesting drives or stay glued to shooters on the perimeter.

A Domino Effect on Offense

  • Opening Driving Lanes: When defenders are hesitant to leave shooters open, driving lanes naturally open up for slashers. This allows players like Brown and Tatum to exploit mismatches and get to the rim for high-percentage shots. These drives also attracted help defenders, creating even more open looks for Celtics shooters spotting up on the perimeter.
  • Ball Movement Benefits: The threat of the three-pointer also facilitated better ball movement. Defenders couldn’t focus on just one player, as any open Celtic could be a three-point threat. This forced the Mavericks to rotate more frequently, creating opportunities for the Celtics to find open passing lanes and create even better scoring opportunities.
  • Momentum Swings: A well-timed three-pointer can be a huge momentum swing in basketball. When the Celtics hit multiple threes in a row, it demoralized the Mavericks and energized the TD Garden crowd. This momentum swing further disrupted the Mavericks’ defensive focus and made it even harder for them to contain Boston’s offense.

Headache for the Mavericks

  • Defensive Adjustments Needed: The Mavericks now face a major challenge: how to adjust their defense to account for the Celtics’ three-point threat. They might need to play tighter on shooters on the perimeter, which could open up driving lanes for Boston’s slashers. Alternatively, they could sag off shooters more, daring them to take threes, but this could leave the Celtics with more open looks inside the paint.
  • Scouting Report Re-Evaluation: The Mavericks might need to re-evaluate their scouting report on the Celtics. If they underestimated Boston’s three-point shooting, they’ll need to make adjustments to their defensive schemes to better contain this aspect of their offense.
  • Respect Earned: The Celtics have now established themselves as a legitimate three-point threat. If they continue to shoot this well from beyond the arc, it will force the Mavericks to respect their outside shooting, potentially creating even more scoring opportunities for them going forward.

While effective from beyond the arc, the Celtics weren’t afraid to attack the basket. They exploited mismatches and drove to the rim for high-percentage scoring opportunities.

Fearless Drives

  • Exploiting Mismatches: The Celtics actively looked for mismatches on the court. They attacked smaller defenders with bigger players like Jayson Tatum or Kristaps Porzingis, creating opportunities for high-percentage looks inside.
  • Drawing Fouls: When defenders were forced to switch on screens or contest drives with smaller players, the Celtics capitalized by drawing fouls. This not only put them on the free-throw line for easy points but also disrupted the Mavericks’ defensive rotations.
  • Finishing at the Rim: The Celtics displayed a variety of finishing moves around the basket. They utilized layups, dunks, and floaters to convert on their drives, showcasing their offensive skillset and ability to score in traffic.

Benefits of Attacking the Rim

  • Opening Up Threes: By relentlessly attacking the basket, the Celtics stretched the Mavericks’ defense. This created open looks on the perimeter for their three-point shooters. Defenders couldn’t sag off and help on drives for fear of leaving shooters open for easy threes. This two-pronged offensive approach, with both inside and outside threats, proved highly effective.
  • Disrupting Defensive Rotations: When the Celtics attacked the rim, it forced the Mavericks’ defenders to rotate and help. This constant movement disrupted their defensive communication and positioning, creating scoring opportunities for the Celtics, either at the rim or with kick-out passes to open shooters.
  • Free Throws and Momentum: Drawing fouls and converting free throws kept the Celtics in an offensive rhythm and prevented the Mavericks from regaining momentum. Additionally, free throws are high-percentage scoring opportunities, further increasing the Celtics’ offensive efficiency.

Keeping the Mavericks Off Balance

  • Unpredictable Offense: The Celtics’ ability to attack the rim and shoot threes kept the Mavericks’ defense guessing. They couldn’t focus solely on defending the perimeter for fear of giving up easy layups. This unpredictability made it difficult for the Mavericks to adjust their defensive scheme and contain Boston’s offense.
  • Adapting to Situations: The Celtics were smart about picking their spots. They attacked the rim when advantageous and kicked the ball out for threes when defenders overcommitted. This adaptability kept the Mavericks’ defense on edge and prevented them from settling into a comfortable defensive rhythm.
  • Physicality: The Celtics were willing to play a physical brand of basketball when attacking the rim. They battled for position in the post and used their size to their advantage. This physicality wore down the Mavericks’ defenders and created scoring opportunities.


Offensive Stagnation

  • Missed Shots: The Mavericks couldn’t find their shooting rhythm early on. They struggled to convert open looks and make shots consistently, allowing the Celtics to build momentum. This inefficiency set the tone for a frustrating offensive night.
  • Lack of Ball Movement: The Mavericks’ offense lacked fluidity in the first quarter. They relied on isolation plays and weren’t generating open looks through ball movement. This predictable approach made it easier for the Celtics to defend and anticipate their offensive sets.
  • Turnover Woes: Unforced turnovers plagued the Mavericks in the early minutes. Sloppy passes and poor decision-making led to easy scoring opportunities for the Celtics in transition. These turnovers further stalled their offensive momentum and fueled the Celtics’ fast break.

Defensive Lapses

  • Slow Rotations: The Mavericks’ defense struggled to rotate effectively on the Celtics’ ball movement. This allowed the Celtics to find open shooters and exploit mismatches for easy scoring opportunities. Their slow rotations hampered their ability to contain Boston’s well-rounded offense.
  • Lack of Communication: Miscommunication between Mavericks’ defenders was evident early on. This led to defensive breakdowns, leaving Celtics players open for uncontested shots. Without clear communication, the Mavericks struggled to adjust their defensive schemes and contain Boston’s offensive firepower.
  • No Answer for Porzingis: The surprise return of Kristaps Porzingis caught the Mavericks off guard. They didn’t have a clear defensive strategy to contain him, and his early scoring outbursts contributed to Boston’s early lead.

Impact of the Slow Start

  • Celtics Built Momentum: The Celtics capitalized on the Mavericks’ early struggles. Easy scoring opportunities and a comfortable lead allowed them to settle into their game and play with confidence. This momentum swing proved difficult for the Mavericks to overcome.
  • Mental Deflation: The Mavericks’ slow start likely led to frustration and a sense of desperation. Falling behind early forced them to play catch-up the rest of the game, affecting their decision-making and overall focus.
  • Limited Offensive Opportunities: Struggling to score early limited the Mavericks’ offensive opportunities throughout the game. They were forced to take contested shots and play outside of their offensive rhythm, further hindering their ability to close the gap.

The Mavericks’ ball movement was stagnant, resulting in a meager 9 assists on the night. This isolation-heavy approach made them predictable and easier to defend.

Isolation Basketball

  • One-on-One Focus: The Mavericks relied heavily on isolation plays where a single player, like Luka Doncic, attempted to beat his defender one-on-one. While Doncic is a skilled scorer, this approach made the offense predictable and easier for the Celtics to defend.
  • Limited Scoring Opportunities: Isolation plays often lead to contested shots and difficult scoring opportunities. This can be especially problematic against a disciplined Celtics defense that thrives on containing individual players.
  • Stagnant Player Movement: When the ball isn’t moving, players tend to stand still and watch the isolation play unfold. This lack of off-ball movement makes it easier for the Celtics’ defenders to stay glued to their assignments and anticipate offensive actions.

A Predictable Attack

  • Scouting Report Advantage: The Celtics likely scouted the Mavericks’ offense extensively and were prepared for their isolation-heavy approach. This allowed them to focus their defensive strategy on shutting down Doncic and limiting his scoring opportunities.
  • Easier Rotations: With the ball sticking in one player’s hands, the Celtics’ defense had an easier time rotating and helping on drives. This made it difficult for the Mavericks to create open looks for themselves or their teammates.
  • Reduced Offensive Creativity: Stagnant ball movement stifles creativity within the offense. When the ball isn’t moving, there are fewer opportunities for cutting, screening, and finding mismatches, which are all crucial for generating high-percentage scoring opportunities.

Impact on the Game

  • Low Assist Numbers: The meager 9 assists tell a clear story. With little ball movement, there were few opportunities for teammates to set each other up for easy scoring chances. This lack of teamwork hampered the Mavericks’ offensive efficiency.
  • Difficulties Sustaining Offense: Isolation plays can be successful in spurts, but they’re difficult to sustain over the entire game. The Celtics’ defense adjusted and contained Doncic, forcing the Mavericks to look for alternative scoring options they weren’t prepared for.
  • Momentum Loss: The lack of offensive fluidity and creativity can lead to frustration and a stagnant offensive flow. This can sap the Mavericks’ energy and make it difficult for them to sustain momentum throughout the game.

Kyrie Irving, facing his former team in a hostile environment, had an off night. He struggled to score efficiently and couldn’t provide the offensive spark Dallas desperately needed.

A Statistical Dud

  • Low Scoring Output: Irving managed only 12 points on a dismal 6-for-19 shooting night. This inefficiency significantly limited his offensive contribution and put a strain on the Mavericks’ already struggling offense.
  • Three-Point Woes: A key component of Irving’s scoring arsenal is his three-point shooting. However, he went a disappointing 0-for-5 from beyond the arc. This lack of outside shooting opened up the paint for the Celtics’ defense and made it easier for them to contain Luka Doncic.
  • Turnovers and Missed Opportunities: Irving committed three turnovers throughout the game, further hindering the Mavericks’ offensive flow. He also missed several key shots that could have potentially swung the momentum in their favor.

Beyond the Numbers

  • Emotional Toll of the Environment: Playing against his former team in a hostile environment could have had a psychological impact on Irving. The boos and taunts from the crowd might have affected his focus and decision-making.
  • Defensive Focus by Celtics: The Celtics were likely determined to make Irving’s homecoming a miserable experience. They put heavy defensive pressure on him throughout the game, making it difficult for him to find a rhythm offensively.
  • Missed Leadership Opportunity: As one of the Mavericks’ star players, Irving’s leadership was crucial in such a crucial game. However, his struggles might have demoralized his teammates and limited his ability to be a vocal leader on the court.

Impact on the Mavericks

  • Overreliance on Doncic: With Irving struggling, the burden of carrying the offensive load fell solely on Luka Doncic’s shoulders. This predictability made the Mavericks’ offense easier to defend for the Celtics.
  • Lack of Scoring Balance: The Mavericks desperately needed a secondary scoring threat to complement Doncic. With Irving’s off night, they lacked the offensive firepower to keep pace with the Celtics’ well-rounded attack.
  • Reduced Confidence: Irving’s struggles could have a ripple effect on the entire team’s confidence. Seeing their star player struggle can lead to a sense of doubt and frustration among the Mavericks.


The Celtics have taken a stranglehold on the series with a convincing Game 1 victory.

Porzingis’ unexpected return and his stellar performance add another dimension to their already formidable lineup.

The Mavericks, on the other hand, need to make significant adjustments if they hope to bounce back in Game 2.

They’ll need to improve their ball movement, generate more open shots, and find a way to contain Porzingis if he continues to play at this level.


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