MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – MPL ID Season 13 Lower Bracket: A Tale of Two Playstyles and White Tigers’ Triumph

mpl id s13 lb finals geek fam evos
Photo Courtesy of GOSUGAMERS

The MPL Indonesia Season 13 lower bracket finals wasn’t just a battle for a grand finals berth; it was a clash of contrasting playstyles.

Here’s a deeper look at how EVOS Glory (White Tigers) and Geek Fam ID showcased their unique approaches to the game, culminating in a dramatic victory for the White Tigers.


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MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – Geek Fam’s Macro Masterclass

Geek Fam leaned heavily on their understanding of macro gameplay. This involves map control, objective rotations, and strategically timed pickoffs.

  • Vision Control: Geek Fam always have a good vision from its roamer and exp laner strategically throughout the map, giving them a clear picture of enemy movements and rotations. This allowed them to react quickly to ganks or objective contests.
  • Pressuring Lane Opponents: By applying pressure in the lanes, they forced EVOS Glory to play cautiously and farm under tower. This limited their map movement and potential for counter-ganks.
  • Prioritizing Objectives: Their focus was likely on securing objectives like Turtle and Lord. By controlling these objectives, they gained map control advantages, putting pressure on EVOS Glory’s towers and forcing them to contest.
  • Swift Rotations: Geek Fam likely had excellent communication and map awareness, allowing them to rotate quickly as a team to objectives. This prevented EVOS Glory from securing easy steals or contesting objectives effectively.
  • Bait and Switch: They have used tactics like baiting a fight in one lane while rotating to a different objective. This caught EVOS Glory off guard and allowed them to secure important objectives uncontested.
  • Capitalizing on Opportunities: By having good map awareness, they could capitalize on any mistakes by EVOS Glory. For example, if an EVOS Glory player was out of position or overextended, Geek Fam could quickly rotate and secure a pickoff.
  • Understanding Enemy Rotations: A crucial aspect of their strategy was likely anticipating EVOS Glory’s rotations. By reading the map and enemy movements, they predict where and when to set up ambushes or initiate surprise attacks.
  • Focus Fire: When an opportunity for a pickoff arose, Geek Fam focused their attacks on a single target, ensuring a quick kill and minimizing the chance of the target escaping.
  • Snowballing the Advantage: Each successful pickoff led to a snowball effect. By eliminating key enemy heroes, they gained a numbers advantage in teamfights, allowing them to secure more objectives and push their lead further.

The heroes Geek Fam picked specifically complemented their macro-focused strategy:

  • Luo Yi’s Global Presence: Luo Yi’s ultimate ability allows for quick rotations across the map. This allowed Geek Fam to respond rapidly to any situation and maintain map control.
  • Masha’s Tanking: Masha’s durability allows her to initiate fights, create space for her teammates, and absorb enemy damage during pickoff attempts.
  • Edith’s Sustain: Edith’s shield and healing abilities keep teammates healthy during rotations and teamfights, increasing their chances of securing successful pickoffs.

By effectively combining map control, objective rotations, and strategically timed pickoffs, Geek Fam showcased a masterclass in macro gameplay in the first game.

This strategy proved highly effective against EVOS Glory initially, highlighting the importance of strategic thinking and coordinated team play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Their picks in the first game – Luo Yi, Masha, and Edith – all exemplified their macro focus. Luo Yi’s global presence allowed for quick rotations and map awareness, while Masha’s tankiness and Edith’s sustain provided strong frontline presence for teamfights.

  • Ultimate Ability: Teleportation: Luo Yi’s defining feature is her ultimate ability, “Arrival.” This allows her to teleport to any allied minion or structure on the map instantaneously. This ability perfectly complements Geek Fam’s macro focus in several ways:
    • Swift Rotations: When an objective like Turtle or Lord spawns, Luo Yi can use Arrival to quickly join her teammates at the site, ensuring they have a numbers advantage for the contest.
    • Map Awareness: The ability to teleport anywhere on the map gives Luo Yi unmatched vision and map awareness. She can scout enemy movements, identify potential ganks, and alert her teammates to dangers lurking in the fog of war.
    • Surprise Ganks: Luo Yi’s Arrival can be used offensively as well. She can stay hidden with her team in a lane, then teleport behind enemy lines during a teamfight, creating a surprise attack that disorients the opponents.
  • Durability and Crowd Control: Masha excels at initiating fights and creating space for her teammates. Her passive ability grants her life steal whenever she attacks enemies, making her incredibly difficult to kill. Additionally, her first skill, “Hardened Skin,” provides a shield that absorbs damage and stuns nearby enemies, allowing her to disrupt enemy formations and create openings for her teammates to secure pickoffs.
  • Frontline Presence in Teamfights: Masha’s tankiness allows her to be the focal point of enemy attacks during teamfights. While enemies focus on bringing her down, her teammates can unleash their damage dealers without being pressured by the enemy front line.
  • Map Control and Objective Securing: Masha’s durability is also valuable during objective-contesting scenarios. She can absorb enemy damage while her teammates secure the objective, increasing their chances of success.
  • Protective Partner: Edith’s unique mechanic of transforming into a powerful shield for her designated partner hero makes her a valuable asset in a macro-focused team. She can provide additional protection to key damage dealers like marksmen or mages during rotations and teamfights, ensuring their survival and maximizing their offensive potential.
  • Sustain for Sustained Pressure: Edith’s abilities also provide sustain for her team. Her first skill, “Charge,” heals both her and her partner, while her ultimate ability, “Estes’ Sanctity,” grants a shield and heals all nearby allies. This sustain is crucial for extended map rotations and allows Geek Fam to maintain pressure throughout the game.
  • Versatility in Team Compositions: Edith’s flexibility is another advantage. Depending on the situation, she can be paired with different heroes to provide the most benefit. For example, she can be paired with a tanky hero like Chou for even more frontline presence, or with a squishy mage like Pharsa to ensure their survivability during teamfights.

The true brilliance of Geek Fam’s picks lies in how these heroes work together.

Luo Yi’s global presence allows for swift rotations, Masha creates space and initiates fights, and Edith protects key damage dealers and provides sustain.

This combination allows them to effectively control the map, contest objectives efficiently, and snowball their lead through well-timed pickoffs.

The first game showcased Geek Fam’s macro strategy in action. Their well-coordinated pickoffs, particularly Luke’s decisive play on EVOS Glory’s backline, led to a swift 18-minute victory.


MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – EVOS Glory’s Mechanical Mastery

After the first game’s defeat, EVOS Glory showcased their ability to adapt. They countered Geek Fam’s macro strategy by focusing on strong mechanical skills.

  • Macro Outclassed: EVOS Glory likely acknowledged that their attempt to match Geek Fam’s macro play was unsuccessful. Geek Fam’s superior map awareness, objective rotations, and coordinated pickoffs proved difficult to counter with their own strategy.
  • Playing to Strengths: Instead of trying to out-macro their opponents, EVOS Glory likely recognized the need to capitalize on their own strengths – superior mechanical skills and individual hero mastery.
  • Banning Geek Fam’s Comforts: EVOS Glory strategically banned heroes that were crucial for Geek Fam’s macro strategy. Banning Helcurt, Luo Yi, and Masha likely aimed to disrupt their ability to control the map and initiate surprise pickoffs.
  • Chip as the Disruptor: Their pick of Chip, a hero known for his crowd control abilities, was a clear indicator of their new focus. Chip’s ultimate ability, “Static Field,” disrupts enemy formations and makes it difficult for them to execute coordinated pickoffs.
  • Highlighting Individual Potential: Their remaining picks likely focused on heroes that allowed individual players to showcase their mechanical prowess. This could involve heroes with high mobility, burst damage, or strong outplay potential.
  • Aggressive Early Game: EVOS Glory likely adopted a more aggressive early game approach. Instead of passively farming and waiting for objectives to spawn, they have focused on pressuring lanes, securing early kills, and snowballing their lead.
  • Individual Outplays: With strong mechanical skills at their disposal, EVOS Glory players looked for opportunities to outplay their opponents in lane matchups and teamfights. This could involve dodging crucial skillshots, pulling off impressive kill streaks and securing clutch objectives through individual brilliance.
  • Disrupting Geek Fam’s Strategies: By utilizing Chip’s crowd control and focusing on individual outplays, EVOS Glory disrupt Geek Fam’s macro-focused strategies. Their aggressive playstyle forced Geek Fam to react instead of dictate the pace of the game.

By adapting their strategy, focusing on strong mechanics, and drafting accordingly, EVOS Glory managed to completely outplay Geek Fam in the second game.

This showcased the importance of flexibility in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Even if a team possesses a strong macro strategy, it’s crucial to be able to adapt and counter opposing playstyles, especially when individual skill can shine through.

Their hero picks in the second game – a ban on Geek Fam’s key picks (Helcurt, Luo Yi, Masha) and a Chip selection – aimed to disrupt the opponents’ pickoff strategy and capitalize on individual skill. This focus on mechanical prowess played to the White Tigers’ strengths.

The second game was a complete turnaround. EVOS Glory’s superior mechanics allowed them to outplay Geek Fam in every aspect, resulting in a convincing win.

MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – A Back-and-Forth Battle

The third and fourth games became a thrilling back-and-forth battle between the two contrasting styles.

Geek Fam continued to prioritize Luo Yi and global presence, while EVOS Glory focused on countering these strategies with picks like Alpha to counter Fredrinn.

  • Luo Yi Remains Central: Geek Fam held onto their core belief in the power of global presence. Luo Yi’s continued presence in their drafts showcased their dedication to their macro-focused game plan.
  • Adapting the Composition: Despite sticking to Luo Yi, they made subtle adjustments to their hero picks around her. This could involve choosing heroes that synergize well with Luo Yi’s global rotations or provide additional damage and crowd control to capitalize on secured objectives.
  • Fighting for Map Control: They continued to prioritize early map control and objective securing. Their focus remained on outsmarting EVOS Glory through rotations, pickoffs, and snowballing their lead through efficient map utilization.
  • Alpha Counters Fredrinn: EVOS Glory recognized the threat posed by Fredrinn, a hero known for his area-of-effect damage and crowd control. Their pick of Alpha, a hero with high single-target burst damage and immunity to crowd control during his ultimate, aimed to neutralize Fredrinn’s effectiveness in teamfights.
  • Flexibility and Learning: Each game likely served as a learning experience for EVOS Glory. They analyzed Geek Fam’s strategies, identified weaknesses, and adapted their counter-picks accordingly. This showcased their ability to be flexible and adjust on the fly.

The combination of Geek Fam’s persistent macro play and EVOS Glory’s evolving counter-strategies led to a thrilling back-and-forth battle. No team dominated for an extended period. Each secured kills, contested objectives, and pushed their advantage when possible. The outcome likely hinged on:

  • Individual Plays: The clutch plays and outplays by individual players significantly impacted the course of each game. A well-timed ultimate ability, a decisive teamfight maneuver, or a successful gank could have swayed the momentum in favor of one team.
  • Teamwork and Coordination: Strong communication and coordinated teamfight execution were crucial for both teams. EVOS Glory needed to work together effectively counter Geek Fam’s global rotations, while Geek Fam relied on their coordinated pickoffs and objective secures to maintain their lead.

This back-and-forth battle between contrasting playstyles highlighted the dynamic nature of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

In the 4th games, Geek Fam is in control only to lose the lst 2 teamfights in the games.

The first teamfight was teh turning point of the games as Lou Yi together with Ruby and Ling transported near the base on the bottom lane to kill Branz’s Mozkov but the latter bought immortality, then the rest of the Evos Legends heroes re-engage and eventually kill Geek Fams Ruby and Ling.

From that moment. it was the momentum shift that Evos Legend was waiting. Geek Fam made that bold move and en up in disaster.

It wasn’t just about having a strong macro strategy or superior mechanical skills; it was about a team’s ability to adapt, counter-adapt, and execute both strategically and individually throughout the game.


MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – A Heartbreaking Conclusion: Geek Fam Falters, EVOS Glory Clinches Grand Finals Berth

The final game of the MPL ID Season 13 lower bracket finals lived up to the hype, potentially being the most thrilling match of the season thus far.

Both Geek Fam and EVOS Glory demonstrated why they deserved to face Fnatic ONIC in the grand finals.

Here’s a closer look at the intense final showdown and the critical error that ultimately cost Geek Fam the victory.

The meta’s emphasis on global presence heroes was undeniable. Both teams recognized this and drafted accordingly.

Geek Fam, true to their macro-centric approach, secured Luo Yi once again.

Her ability to teleport to teammates across the map allows for swift rotations and map control, perfectly complementing their strategy.

EVOS Glory, having learned to counter Geek Fam’s macro play, mirrored the importance of global presence with their pick of Chip.

Chip’s ultimate ability, “Static Field,” disrupts enemy formations and hinders their ability to execute coordinated pickoffs – a direct counter to Geek Fam’s preferred strategy.

The early game was likely a tense fight for map control and objective dominance.

Geek Fam, with Luo Yi’s rotations, aimed to secure early advantages, while EVOS Glory focused on shutting down these plays with Chip’s disruption and their own aggressive tactics.

The mid-game might have been a back-and-forth battle, with both teams trading kills, contesting objectives, and pushing their leads whenever possible.

Individual player skill and clutch plays likely played a significant role in determining the momentum swings.

The moment in which Geek Fam gained the upper hand by capturing the Lord late in the game proved to be the decisive element.

They proceeded towards the EVOS base alongside the Lord. In some way, removing the waves.

Luke made a vital Chou’s ultimate Way of the Dragon to Fluffy’s Terizla and reduced EOVS Branz Claude’s HP to half early while Baloyski was still eliminating the minions on the map’s upper side and the Lord had not yet reached the EVOS base.

As a result, EVOS was able to target Geek Family’s heroes for elimination, which forced them to engage in combat.

Finally, Branz used his Claude to launch a vital strike using his Blazing Duet and basic attack. Ultimately, Branz’s Maniac killed four of the Geek heroes. Geek completely destroyed.

Despite their valiant efforts throughout the series, Geek Fam’s crucial mistake proved costly.

They fell short of securing a grand finals berth and a chance to compete at MSC 2024.

This loss was likely a heartbreaking experience for the team, especially considering their strong performance throughout the lower bracket.

However, their defeat doesn’t diminish the quality of their gameplay. Both Geek Fam and EVOS Glory showcased their strengths and displayed strategic brilliance throughout the series.

Their performances solidified their positions as deserving finalists to face Fnatic ONIC in the grand showdown, promising an epic clash for the MPL ID Season 13 championship title.

MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – Perseverance and Mental Strength

In the end, EVOS Glory’s mental fortitude proved to be the deciding factor. As quoted by Branz, their ability to:

They maintained composure under pressure, allowing them to focus on the game and avoid emotional breakdowns.

  • Pre-Game Rituals: EVOS Glory have established pre-game routines or rituals to help them relax, focus, and enter the game with a clear mind. This could involve breathing exercises, motivational talks, or simply taking dedicated time to unwind and de-stress.
  • In-Game Communication: During the game, clear and positive communication within the team was likely crucial. Teammates offer encouragement, acknowledge mistakes without negativity, and remind each other to stay focused on the strategy. This positive reinforcement helps maintain a calm environment where players can think clearly and make rational decisions.
  • Post-Match Analysis: EVOS Glory reviewed their performance after the first game’s defeat. They analyzed their mistakes, identified areas for improvement, and adjusted their strategy accordingly for the following games. This process allowed them to learn from their missteps and avoid repeating them under pressure.
  • In-Game Adjustments: Even within a game, EVOS Glory players had the ability to identify mistakes on the fly and adjust their approach. For example, if a player overextended and got picked off, the team could strategize on how to prevent similar situations from happening again.
  • Focusing on the Present: EVOS Glory trained themselves to stay present in the moment. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes or getting discouraged by setbacks, they focused on the current situation and the next objective. This allowed them to maintain focus and adapt their strategy as needed.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Positive self-talk and celebrating small victories within the game can be important tools for maintaining composure. Recognizing good plays and acknowledging progress can prevent players from getting discouraged and succumbing to emotional tilt.

By maintaining composure under pressure, EVOS Glory gained several advantages:

  • Clearer Decision-Making: A calm mind allows players to think strategically and make sound decisions in the heat of the moment. They’re less likely to make impulsive choices or panic under pressure.
  • Improved Coordination: When players are relaxed and focused, they can communicate more effectively and coordinate their actions as a team, leading to smoother teamfights and objective secures.
  • Resilience: Maintaining composure allows a team to bounce back from setbacks. Instead of crumbling under pressure, EVOS Glory analyze what went wrong, adjust their strategy, and persevere towards victory.

EVOS Glory’s mental strength showcased an often-overlooked aspect of esports.

Just like physical skill and strategic knowledge, mental fortitude is crucial for success in high-pressure competitive environments like the MPL ID Season 13 lower bracket finals.

MPL ID S13 LB FINALS GEEK FAM EVOS – A Grand Finals Rematch

EVOS Glory’s hard-fought victory earned them a rematch against Fnatic ONIC in the grand finals. Geek Fam, despite their impressive display, unfortunately exited the tournament in third place, missing out on a chance to compete at MSC 2024.

The lower bracket finals highlighted the diverse strategies present in MPL ID and showcased the importance of both strong macro play and individual skill.

With EVOS Glory’s mental strength and Fnatic ONIC’s dominance from the upper bracket, the grand finals promised to be an epic clash.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert


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