MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – Fnatic ONIC Reign Supreme: A Fourth Consecutive MPL ID Title!

mpl id s13 grand finals onic evos
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The MPL ID Season 13 grand finals lived up to the hype, with Fnatic ONIC, the “Sky Kings,” once again claiming the championship title!


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MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – A Dynasty Extends: Fnatic ONIC’s Historic Four-peat

Fnatic ONIC silenced their doubters with a resounding 4-2 victory over EVOS Glory.

This win marks an incredible feat – their fourth consecutive MPL ID title, solidifying their position as a true Mobile Legends powerhouse in Indonesia.

Their dominance began in MPL ID Season 10, and they haven’t relinquished their crown since.

MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – Contrasting Paths to the Grand Finals

  • Fnatic ONIC’s Steady Ascent: Their playoff run showcased their championship experience. They edged out a tough Geek Fam team in a five-game series before comfortably sweeping EVOS Glory 3-0 in the upper bracket finals.
  • EVOS Glory’s Cinderella Story: EVOS Glory’s journey was a captivating underdog story. They secured victories against Liquid Aura and even pulled off an upset against the top-seeded Bigetron Alpha. After a narrow escape against Geek Fam in the lower bracket, they earned a rematch against Fnatic ONIC.

MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – A Familiar Foe, a Familiar Outcome (Almost)

The grand finals saw a rematch from the upper bracket. Despite early struggles in game one, Fnatic ONIC displayed their championship composure.

A crucial teamfight victory at the Lord Dance turned the tide in their favor, allowing them to secure the first game.

  • Early Game Setbacks: Fnatic ONIC have experienced an uncharacteristic early game. They have fallen behind in terms of kills or objective control, putting them on the back foot. This is due to aggressive plays by EVOS Glory, strategic miscalculations on Fnatic’s part and simply some early game mishaps.
  • Adapting to the Pressure: Despite the early struggles, Fnatic ONIC displayed their experience and ability to adapt under pressure. They have adjusted their strategy based on the flow of the game, focused on farming and avoiding unnecessary fights, or waited for a key opportunity to arise.
  • The Crucial Lord Fight: The turning point of the game came at the Lord Dance, a pivotal objective that grants a powerful buff to the securing team. Both teams clashed at this crucial juncture, with Fnatic ONIC potentially pulling off a game-changing teamfight victory.
  • Clutch Plays and Coordinated Execution: This teamfight win involved a combination of clutch individual performances and coordinated team execution. Specific players have stepped up with game-saving plays, while the entire team functioned cohesively to outmaneuver and outplay EVOS Glory.
  • Securing Objectives and Pushing for Victory: With the momentum in their favor after the Lord Dance victory, Fnatic ONIC focused on securing additional objectives. They have taken down turrets, pressured enemy in their base and secured another Lord to further enhance their advantage.
  • Closing Out the Game: Fnatic ONIC, with their lead in kills, objectives, and overall momentum, closed out the game decisively. They executed a well-coordinated push on the enemy base, leaving EVOS Glory with no room for comeback.

This first-game victory was crucial for Fnatic ONIC for several reasons:

  • Momentum and Mental Fortitude: Winning the first game sets the tone for the series and can provide a significant mental boost. It demonstrates their ability to overcome early challenges and showcases their championship composure.
  • Adaptability and Strategic Depth: Their ability to adapt to EVOS Glory’s early pressure and find a winning strategy displays their strategic depth and adaptability – key qualities for a dominant team.
  • A Psychological Advantage: Winning the first game can put pressure on the opposing team. EVOS Glory now needed to win four out of the next fiive games, which can be a daunting task mentally.

Fnatic ONIC’s comeback victory in game one sent a strong message to EVOS Glory and the entire audience.

It was a testament to their experience, adaptability, and unwavering will to win – qualities that would prove crucial for their championship run.


MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – Momentum Swings and Clutch Performances

Game two followed a similar pattern. Fnatic ONIC built a significant gold lead, but EVOS Glory showed their fighting spirit, pushing the reigning champions to their limits.

Ultimately, a brilliant play by CW on Roger sealed the win for Fnatic. His Roger performance continued to shine in game three, alongside a dominant showing by Lutpiii’s Masha. Fnatic ONIC pushed to match point with a convincing 3-0 lead.

  • Early Game Lead Generation: Building upon their momentum from the first game, Fnatic adopted a more aggressive early game strategy in game two. This involve securing early kills, pressuring lanes, and prioritizing key objectives like Turtle or the first Lord.
  • Superior Macro Play: Their experience shone through with their superior macro play. This involves efficient map rotations, denying farm to EVOS Glory heroes, and strategically utilizing their gold lead to pressure objectives effectively.
  • Snowballing the Advantage: With their early lead growing, Fnatic ONIC focused on snowballing their advantage. This involves taking down enemy turrets, securing additional Lords for stronger buffs, and steadily increasing their map control.
  • Defensive Strategies and Stalling Tactics: Despite facing a significant gold deficit, EVOS Glory didn’t give up. They have employed defensive strategies, focusing on protecting their base and objectives. This involves split pushing to draw pressure away from key areas or utilizing heroes with strong area-of-effect damage to defend against Fnatic’s pushes.
  • Finding Openings to Punish: EVOS Glory looked for opportunities to punish Fnatic’s overconfidence or mistakes. Catching a key hero out of position, successfully defending an objective and securing a crucial pickoff could have swung the momentum back in their favor.
  • The Turning Point Play: While EVOS Glory threatened a comeback, the match hinged on a brilliant play by CW on Roger. This has been a clutch ultimate execution, a perfectly timed lifesteal that turned the tide of a fight and daring solo play that netted multiple kills for Fnatic.
  • Seizing the Initiative: CW’s pivotal play reignited Fnatic’s momentum. It disrupted EVOS Glory’s comeback attempt, forced them back onto the defensive, and opened up new opportunities for Fnatic to push for victory.
  • Dual Carry Threat: With CW’s Roger shining, game three saw another dominant performance from Lutpiii on Masha. Masha’s lifesteal and control abilities make her a formidable hero, especially when paired with a strong damage dealer like Roger.
  • Unstoppable Force: Fnatic’s dual carry threat of Roger and Masha likely proved too much for EVOS Glory to handle. They have dominated teamfights, shredded through enemy defenses, and pushed for a convincing victory in game three.


With a dominant 3-0 lead, Fnatic ONIC stood on the precipice of victory. This dominant performance showcased their ability to:

  • Close Out Games Decisively: They didn’t allow EVOS Glory any room for error. Their calculated aggression, strategic macro play, and individual brilliance allowed them to convert their advantages into convincing wins.
  • Adaptability Under Pressure: While EVOS Glory displayed their fighting spirit, Fnatic remained adaptable. They adjusted their strategies based on the flow of the game and countered EVOS Glory’s comeback attempts effectively.
  • Mental Fortitude: Maintaining a strong mental state is crucial in high-pressure situations. Fnatic’s experience likely played a role in their unwavering focus and determination to secure the championship title.

The first three games of the grand finals painted a clear picture: Fnatic ONIC was the dominant force.

They had built a significant lead in the series, putting immense pressure on EVOS Glory to perform a near-impossible comeback.


MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – EVOS Glory’s Resurgence: The DreamS Factor

EVOS Glory refused to surrender. Led by the veteran roamer DreamS and his signature Franco, they flipped the script in two consecutive games.

DreamS’ timely Iron Hooks disrupted Fnatic ONIC’s teamfights, allowing EVOS Glory to put them only 1 game off Onic at 3-2. This display of resilience showcased their own championship spirit and fighting spirit.

  • A Strategic Shift: Recognizing the limitations of their previous strategies, EVOS Glory opted for a more disruptive approach. This shift might involves drafting heroes focused on crowd control and pickoffs, with Franco taking center stage.
  • DreamS’ Mastery: The veteran roamer, DreamS, stepped up to the challenge. His expertise with Franco, a hero known for his powerful Iron Hook ability, proved to be a game-changer.
  • Disrupting Fnatic’s Coordination: DreamS’ well-timed Iron Hooks played a pivotal role in disrupting Fnatic ONIC’s teamfight execution. A perfectly aimed hook isolates a key hero, pull them into the heart of the enemy team and completely disable them from participating in the fight.
  • Punishing Misplays and Creating Opportunities: With Fnatic’s coordination disrupted by DreamS’ hooks, EVOS Glory capitalized on the openings created. They focused on eliminating the isolated hero, collapsing on the disrupted formation and securing quick pickoffs that shifted the momentum in their favor.
  • Teamfight Victories and Objective Secures: These pickoffs and disrupted teamfights translated into victories for EVOS Glory in crucial clashes. Securing objectives in Turtle and Lord with these advantages allowed them to put pressure on Fnatic’s base and chip away at their lead.

EVOS Glory’s comeback wasn’t just a display of strategic brilliance; it was a testament to their fighting spirit and resilience. Here’s why their comeback attempt was so impactful:

  • Refusing to Surrender: Despite facing a daunting 3-0 deficit, EVOS Glory didn’t give up. They displayed the heart of a champion, refusing to be swept aside and showcasing their unwavering determination to win.
  • Adaptability Under Pressure: Recognizing the weaknesses in their previous approach, they adapted their strategy and hero picks. This adaptability under immense pressure is a crucial quality for any championship contender.
  • A Moral Boost for Themselves and Their Fans: Winning two consecutive games against the seemingly unstoppable Fnatic ONIC likely gave EVOS Glory a massive morale boost. It also reignited hope for their fans, who might have witnessed a glimmer of a potential reverse sweep.

The tides had turned dramatically. EVOS Glory, led by DreamS’ masterful Franco play, had clawed their way back into the series.

The grand finals, once a seemingly one-sided affair, had become a nail-biting showdown with both teams fighting for MPL ID glory.

MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – Fnatic ONIC Secures the Crown

The sixth and deciding game saw Fnatic ONIC return to their dominant form. Their mobile team composition, anchored by Kairi’s stellar performance on Baxia, proved too much for EVOS Glory to handle.

They controlled objectives, initiated fights, and closed out the series with a 4-2 victory.

  • Drafting for Flexibility: Fnatic ONIC, aware of EVOS Glory’s disruptive tactics, opted for a more mobile team composition. This composition included heroes with strong movement abilities and crowd control, allowing them to avoid being pinned down by Franco’s hooks.
  • Kairi Anchors the Team: Kairi, Fnatic’s star player, shone on Baxia, a tank hero known for his area control and initiation capabilities. His performance was crucial in anchoring the team, initiating fights, and controlling objectives.
  • Superior Map Rotations: Fnatic’s experience with rotations came into play again. Their coordinated movements around the map allowed them to pressure objectives effectively, contest enemy buffs, and respond swiftly to any threats posed by EVOS Glory.
  • Securing Key Objectives Early: Understanding the importance of early game control, Fnatic have prioritized securing key objectives of Turtle and the first Lord. These early objectives provided them with crucial buffs and map control advantages.
  • Initiating Fights and Creating Space: Kairi, with Baxia’s powerful area control abilities, played a pivotal role in initiating teamfights. He created space for his teammates to deal damage, disrupted enemy formations, and set the stage for decisive victories in crucial clashes.
  • Fnatic’s Superior Teamwork: Fnatic’s victory wasn’t solely about individual brilliance. Their well-coordinated teamfighting and execution likely shone through. They have capitalized on openings created by Kairi, focused on eliminating key threats, and protected their own carries throughout the game.
  • Maintaining Objective Control: With a strong early game and dominant teamfights, Fnatic maintained control over crucial objectives throughout the game. This control over the map and resources put immense pressure on EVOS Glory, making it difficult for them to stage another comeback.
  • A Decisive Push and Championship Victory: With all the elements in place, Fnatic executed a decisive push on the enemy base. Their coordinated teamfighting prowess and superior map control allowed them to overwhelm EVOS Glory and secure the championship title with a convincing 4-2 victory.

Fnatic’s victory in the sixth game cemented their position as the dominant force in MPL ID. Here’s why their win was so significant:

  • Resilience Under Pressure: After being pushed to Game 6, Fnatic displayed their resilience under pressure. They didn’t crumble or falter; they adapted their strategy and showed their championship mettle.
  • Adaptability and Strategic Depth: Their ability to adjust their approach based on the flow of the series highlighted their strategic depth. This quality is invaluable for any team aiming for sustained success.
  • A Fourth Consecutive Title: Fnatic’s 4-2 victory extended their MPL ID championship reign to four consecutive seasons. This feat is a testament to their consistent excellence, strategic brilliance, and individual talent.

MPL ID S13 GRAND FINALS ONIC EVOS – A Championship for the Ages

Fnatic ONIC’s MPL ID Season 13 victory is a testament to their consistent excellence, strategic prowess, and individual talent.

They remain the kings of Mobile Legends in Indonesia, and their four-peat championship run is a historic achievement.

While EVOS Glory’s journey fell short, their Cinderella run and impressive lower bracket performance leave them with a promising future and valuable lessons learned.


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